Centro de Engenharia e Tecnologia Naval e Oceânica



Task 1 - Wave Data Analysis: The dominant environmental conditions have been determined, for the 6 selected zones : Sao Roque do Pico and Madalena ports – Azores Island; Seixal and Paul do Mar ports– Madeira Islands; West and East docks of Sines Port – Portugal continental.
After considering the exploitable mean annual energy, as defined in Anastas. G. et al., 2020, and its   variability over two different time scales - annual and seasonal - it revealed that from all the previously studied sites, the Madalena port in the Azores Island is provided with the best potential in term of energy production.
The quantitative results will provide an appropriate base for the design of the geometrical aspects of the device and an accurate extreme wave data source for structural study that is to come later in the project.